Tzimtzum - Creation "Out of Nothing"

No, as it happens I was surprisingly enough not arund at the "Big Bang", never the less here is an art-illustration I have made of the event as described in two sourses: the the Kabbala (the esoteric Jewish teachings on the subject), and an ancient Midrash. As  to how I made it, I leave to your imagination to figure out.
Now, the following some basic Jewish believes in regard to the coming into being of the Creation:

In the beginning there was only God... and nothing else.
God, or Ein Sof, is an all-encompassing Divine Presence/ Light called Or Ein Sof ("the Light of Infinity").
Since nothing but God existed before creation, when God decided to create yesh (i.e., "something") from its ein (i.e., "nothing"), God needed to "make a space" or to "provide room" for that which was not God (i.e., otherness).  God therefore "emptied himself" by contracting his infinite light to create a conceptual space for the creation of the universe.
In a great cosmic flash, God then "condensed" into a point of infinite density and infinite energy called tzimtzum (צִמְצוּם, "contraction") and "exploded out" in all directions (i.e., the cosmic "Big Bang").  In a sense, this self-imposed "contraction"of the Infinite Light is a picture of God "sacrificing" Himself for the sake of creation.

Here's how Isaac Luria (the Ari) describes the doctrine of tzimtzum:

"Prior to Creation, there was only the infinite Or Ein Sof filling all existence. When it arose in God's Will to create worlds and emanate the emanated... He contracted (in Hebrew "tzimtzum") Himself in the point at the center, in the very center of His light. He restricted that light, distancing it to the sides surrounding the central point, so that there remained a void, a hollow empty space, away from the central point... After this tzimtzum... He drew down from the Or Ein Sof a single straight line [of light] from His light surrounding [the void] from above to below [into the void], and it chained down descending into that void.... In the space of that void He emanated, created, formed and made all the worlds." - Isaac Luria, Etz Chaim .

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