Happy New Year 2015 in Budapest

This was a first time for me in the Hungarian Capital, but for sure not the last! We arrived in Budapest a few days before the New Year's eve, having secured a smal and friendly pension in the Buda-part of the city. I did not bring my tripode along this time, although that being
one of the essentials when you plan taking shoots of fireworks. You then need to mount your camera on a tripode, make use of a remote control and (ideally) set you camera in the "bulp"-mode for exposures 15–30 seconds; and use a large shutter. Hence my photos of the Hungarian fireworks by necessity is rather poor given the circumstances. If I look into my archives I'll show you an example, like this one from a New Year in Gothenburg,  Sweden.
Danube separates Buda to the west, and Pest to the east.
The Hungarian Parlament and the "Chain Bridge".
Close to midnight, New Year eve 2014 at the Old City of Buda.
The Parlament seen from the Old City of Buda.
First minute of 2015.
All the firework provided was on individual initiative, cheered and applauded by the masses. All orderly and with great care and responsibility.